Tips for Gym Motivation

Happy Motivation Monday!

People say that with marriage comes a lot of changes. The biggest change I have seen so far for me personally has been my weight. I have gained over twenty pounds since I said, “I Do” and it’s embarrassing.
Getting back into the gym after you have been out for a while can be tough, but here are a few tips that I have found helpful in the past (and Lord willing, in the near future).

Stop Comparing

Nothing kills motivation like comparison. When I was in college, I created a board on Pinterest called Motivate. It started out as quotes and words of encouragement to work out. But over the years it has turned into mostly pictures of really fit and beautiful women. And you know how that makes me feel? Fat and ugly. Which I am neither. But I have gotten into the habit of telling myself that since I don’t look like that, then I’m not beautiful. Every single person is different so when we look at others and decide that’s how we should look, we put expectations on ourselves that we may or may not meet and in the long run, sets us up for failure. Why? Because you need to do what’s best for you, not what someone else says is best for them. No one knows you like you do.
I’m not saying don’t get advice from others. My knowledge of working out is pretty limited, but my sister is basically a gym rat. I would be unwise to not listen to her advice. She has great advice and I do listen to her. But her body is not exactly the same as mine. What works for her doesn’t always work for me and vice versa. Yes it helps to listen to others, but only you know you. Listen to yourself ultimately and focus on what works for you. Not on what others look like.

Make an action plan

I am an accountant so I am detail oriented. Something that I do every week (sometimes daily) is to make a list of what I need to accomplish. This is something that I have carried over into my gym life. I schedule out each week what I am going to work on each day and write it on the calendar. (Example: Monday is back day, Tuesday is arms, etc.) Then in my journal, I write out a list different exercises for each body part and switch off each week. This keeps variety in my workouts, keeps me from getting bored, and keeps my muscles from falling into the same routine, which ultimately makes them stronger.

Make goals, small and large

I am goal oriented. Not everyone is and that’s ok. But making goals really works for me. However, if I said I wanted to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, well that’s just ridiculous. So I start off small with one big goal: 20 pounds down in four months, 5 pounds per month. When I meet each goal, I reward myself: with a pedicure, new water bottle, new clothes, etc. Things that aren’t food related so that I won’t feel guilty about them.
Do what works for you. Set goals and smash them!

One last thing

Don’t forget to give yourself grace when you need to. We all mess up. We all skip the gym. We all get in ruts and dry spells where we don’t go for days, weeks, months, even years. Just remember its ok to fail. Just get back up and push forward. Even if that means starting over. That’s ok!

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